Setting up your own VA business

I was delighted to be asked by the organisers of The Office Management/PA Show & Confex to speak at their event today, all about the practicalities of setting up your own VA business.

I thought I’d share some of the more common questions I get asked at these kind of events or on my webinars […]

Office Show 2014

I was asked by the organisers of Office Show 2014 to host a roundtable hot topic session on setting up your own Virtual Assistant business at this year’s event at London Olympia.  The Office Show is the largest event in the UK aimed at PAs, VAs and Secretaries and is definintely not to be […]

How much of your time do you give for free?

How much of your time do you give for free?

I read an interesting article on the BBC News website this morning about how Managers work an extra day a week without pay.  But I don’t think it just relates to Managers.

I know for certain that a lot of PAs have their work email accounts […]

Do your fees match the value you give to your clients?

Do your fees match the value you give to your clients?  If the answer is no then I guess you’re either undercharging or overcharging, but in my experience it’s more likely to be undercharging!  Maybe you are starting out as a VA and not sure how to determine what your rates should be?  Well […]

Does your job offer flexibility?

Being a business owner isn’t easy and anyone who tells you differently is fibbing. It has its challenges, its upsides and its downsides.  One of the upsides is flexibility.  And let me explain why.

Take yesterday for example, my eldest daughter was taking part in a school skipping tournament.  She was very nervous on the […]

From PA to VA – what will it mean to you?

You’ve made the decision, you want to leave your PA employment and set up your own VA business.  FANTASTIC!!  But hang on a minute, where on earth do you start?  You will have a miriad of questions floating through your head but let’s tackle these ones first:

What it is that you want and what’s […]